Issues: Worker Safety

OKAA - Oklahoma Aggregates Association
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Issues: Worker Safety

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Mine safety

OKAA supported the Mine Improvement and New Emergency Response Act (MINER) passed by the 109th Congress.  OKAA has opposed subsequent supplemental mine safety legislation that would further increase penalties and liability.  With more than 10,000 above-ground and below-ground aggregates operations, one-size-fits-all programs are not optimum to enhancing safety and can lead to safety hazards.  To achieve further worker incident reductions, Congress and industry need to focus on initiatives that promote a culture of safetyrather than on simple punitive measures that are not linked to increased safety.

National Labor Relations Board

OKAA supports congressional efforts to rein in the National Labor Relations Board, which is attempting to implement controversial policies by decree that already have been rejected by Congress, including the Employee Free Choice Act.  The NLRB is seeking to grant labor unions an unfair advantage in organizing workplaces by curtailing the ability of businesses to make their opposing voices heard by employees.  This comes in the form of attempts to shorten the time before an election can be held as well as variations of a “card check” scheme that would do away with the secret ballot for union organizing elections.  The latter disposes of a central tenet of the American democratic process, exposing employees to potential intimidation and harassment by over-zealous union organizers.  OKAA believes that employees should be given the opportunity to hear and digest the arguments from both union and management before they vote in secret so that the end result reflects their choice, free from fear of retribution.

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